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Dr.Susan is a medical doctor integrating mindfulness, energy, and conscious awareness in wellbeing. She uses and teaches techniques of using quantum light fields and energy based on ancient Celtic wisdom and  Eastern Philosophy techniques. This enables connection with your inner light and that of others, increasing joy,peace and well-being. ‘Be Your Own Light’!

An Intuitive Physician…

Larry Dossey, MD :

Dr. Susan Jamieson’s insights into role of light in healing are both profound and rare in today’s medicalized, technological world. Her knowledge is based in solid science, much of which has been neglected in conventional medicine.” 

Dr Susan Jamieson uses her experience as a medical doctor of over 25 years to break new ground as she speaks and teaches. Using The Power of Three for wellness happiness and peace, by combining indigenous wisdom with quantum neurology and  biophysics.

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Online courses and private sessions:

Dr Susan, ‘LightDoctor’, is an experienced medical professional specialising in immediate-  results, – quantum transformation and has practiced this method with clients for over 25 years These are researched, results -orientated practical courses!


Recognized as “The LightDoctor”, this ability to integrate and perceive helped Dr.

Jamieson treat and help thousands, including some very famous personalities, Sir Mick Jaggar, Greenday, The Eagles, and more. She became known as the LightDoctor, as she spoke out more often about topics such as light resonance healing, energy healing, and even quantum healing.

Dr Susan Jamieson
Dr. Jamieson invites other therapists to expand their practice by integrating knowledge of quantum consciousness and the body’s energy into their practices, as she educates on the “new frontier” of well-being, light.


 I was reading about 30,000-year-old cave paintings found underwater in the south of France, and fascinated to discover that they were full of sacred geometry just reminded me that nothing is new in this world.  Yesterday was Pentecostal Sunday, and it made me think about Light again. I feel that nowadays we are 'rediscovering' light in ... Read More about SPIRITUAL HEALING

Equinox, podcast and meditation tips

We’re approaching the autumn equinox: the day, Sept 22nd. Equinox comes from the Latin aequalis, meaning equal, as the duration of daylight equals the dark. Depending on where we live, the Equinox has different associations. In Hong Kong we call it the ‘Moon Festival’, celebrated on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the Chinese calendar. This is a harvest … Read More about Equinox, podcast and meditation tips

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