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Doctor Susan Jamieson is a medical doctor integrating light quantum healing with wellbeing.

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An Intuitive Physician Trained In The Best Of Eastern and Western Healing

Dr Susan Jamieson uses her experience as a medical doctor of over 25 years to break new ground as she speaks, teaches and applies the latest science on light and consciousness to increase wellness, happiness, and peace in our lives.

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Shining A Light On New Healing Research

Dr. Jamieson invites other physicians to become better clinicians by integrating light energy work into their practices, educating about the “new frontier” of modern medicine, light. Cutting edge science offers new insights into the nature of our bodies.

Dr Susan Jamieson with Elton John

Dr Susan Jamieson with one of her patients, Sir Elton John.

Susan Jamieson, M.D. has  spent over 25 years combining the best of Western (yes, she’s a “real” doctor) medicine with Eastern medicine and philosophies, and what she’s discovered is that there is much more to healing than was taught in medical school.

Gradually, she came to realize that intuitive skills and conscious listening were also critical to healing, and that she could often learn more about a patient’s condition and diagnosis than conventional tests alone could tell her. Of course, listening to the patient is important, but so is using a broader sensing that can integrate their story, the medical knowledge, the tests, and intuition to often add up to something more.

Recognized as “The LightDoctor”

This ability to integrate and perceive helped Dr. Jamieson treat and help thousands, including some very famous personalities. She became known as the LightDoctor, as she spoke out more often about topics such as light resonance healing, energy healing, and even quantum healing.

Today, Dr. Jamieson continues to run a busy integrative health clinic in Hong Kong, and she speaks worldwide on topics related to light and energy healing.

Dr. Jamieson is Presenting on Well-being through Light, the Nanotechnology of Light in the Healing Arena

October 26-27, 2019

Fitness Show in Melbourne

Organised by Lifewave, leading the way in regenerative medicine that is backed by science and independent clinical studies.

Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre

1 Convention Centre Pl, South Wharf VIC 3006
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Dr Jamieson is a specialist in integrative and functional medicine with 26 years experience working as a physician in Hong Kong. Her Integrative Medical Practice group combines the very best of Western and Eastern therapies. An author and international speaker, Dr Jamieson is known as ‘The Light Doctor’.


Dr. Susan Jamieson is a medical doctor, trained in Scotland and Harvard, who pioneered and runs and practices in an Integrative Health Practice in Hong Kong. Trained in energy medicine techniques, she is an author and speaks internationally on her specialization – light energy.

Ranging from biology to neuroscience and quantum physics, we’ll explore connections between mind-body, and between therapist and client.

Dr. Susan’s Articles on Energy Medicine and Healing

Energetic Healing Side Effects

I wanted to thoroughly cover the energetic healing side effects you might experience. Not everyone has the same reaction – it varies by person and method.

Best Energy Healing Methods

I believe the best energy healing methods, out of the variety available, are the ones that integrate professional medical knowledge AND medical intuition.