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Doctor Susan Jamieson is a medical doctor integrating light quantum healing with wellbeing.


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An Intuitive Physician Trained In The Best Of Eastern and Western Healing

Dr Susan Jamieson uses her experience as a medical doctor of over 25 years to break new ground as she speaks, teaches and applies the latest science on light and consciousness to increase wellness, happiness, and peace in our lives.

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Shining A Light On New Healing Research
She teaches tools to assist you to:

Sessions – Immediate release of emotional and physical pain
Teaching – Flow into wellbeing;
Gain peace of mind through connecting to your inner GPS

Intuiting your way into the flow of

Wellbeing through connecting to the light of nature.

Cutting edge science offers new insights into the nature of our bodies. Explaining our biology, neuroscience and quantum physics,she explores connections between mind-body, between therapist and client, and even ourselves and our planet.
Dr Susan Jamieson
Dr. Jamieson invites other therapists to expand their practice by integrating knowledge of quantum consciousness and the body’s energy into their practices, as she educates on the “new frontier” of well-being, light.

Recognized as “The LightDoctor”

This ability to integrate and perceive helped Dr.

Jamieson treat and help thousands, including some very famous personalities, Sir Mick Jaggar, Greenday, The Eagles, and more. She became known as the LightDoctor, as she spoke out more often about topics such as light resonance healing, energy healing, and even quantum healing.

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The Coronavirus  situation is incredibly stressful right now, so I want to share my experience in building up your defences to protect you in this Covid-19 pandemic.     As an M.D. who has worked in an infectious disease respiratory hospital, as well as Hong Kong consulate advisor during SARS- the other corona virus epidemic- I certainly have a lot  to share on viral lung…
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Quantum Consciousness and Wellbeing

These days Medicine seems to rely more and more on expensive technology, MRI and PET scans; DNA testing, etc.

Luckily however the therapist-patient relationship is still the basis of every consultation. Because all of this knowing The dynamics of this consultation could not be more important. In it, there’s a sharing of our intimate personal information as well as sharing of energy. Medicine isn’t fond of talking about the energy aspect, except in terms of technology.