Let us help you make the shift from Burnout To Brilliance

We look forward to helping you transform your life, make a quantum leap in  your health and

vibrancy in the three day weekend retreat, on line and residential, in 

Inverness, gateway to the Highlands of Scotland.


Let us help you make the shift, from



60 years of combined medical experience

with 2 popular medical doctors

 Susan Jamieson M.D. (The LightDoctor)  an author who consults in this area daily, is an East West specialist who focusses on the spiritual side, with 

Clare Willocks M.D. (Bridging the Health Care Gap; Bringing Ancient and Progressive Medicine to the Mainstream) an energy medicine specialist.

This workshop will enable you to:

  • *

    Get in touch with your innate state of peace and joy, and reconnect to your inner brilliance!

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    Identify areas to leave behind, causes of stress and burnout.

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    Get powerful all encompassing tools and techniques so you can be the master of your health long after the retreat ends.

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    Learn to connect to your heart, to guide you away from stress towards contentment

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    You will leave feeling relaxed, refreshed, and hopeful again



    Dr Susan Jamieson M.D. 

    Dr Clare Willocks M.D. 

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    This is for you if  you are feeling burnt out and exhausted, or frustrated that you just can’t get a good  night’s sleep.

    Do your joints ache?  Do you have an autoimmune issue or are you just plain perimenopausal?  Has covid been a factor,  even long covid or have you experienced vaccine side effects ?
    You might however be physically pretty healthy, but feel that your soul spark is just not there.

    Even when you get your dream job, after time it can spiral into drudgery, leaving you wondering if you are really fulfilling your life's purpose. Well, perhaps you need a change, or perhaps you need to rediscover your original passion.

    Both doctors have huge experience in this area; they are both grounded in physiology and biology, and will also help you access the metaphysical side of your being: your energy and spiritual body.  Whether we talk about vibrational medicine; or the ancient Indian and Chinese systems, we know that  underneath the physical is a whole system of informational energies, which when balanced, bring us back into our original state of harmonious wholeness.

    Susan has a background in integrative medicine, and as the ‘LightDoctor’, is a specialist in Light in our bodies, the light of the planet, as well as the light that connects us all. She offers experiential sessions on working with the light of our hearts, and as a qualified forest bathing  practitioner, will be leading a connection to nature sessions in the large garden. Whether it’s called ‘elementals’, ‘nature spirits’, or simply the grounded, vibrational frequency of nature, we know it’s healing. She'll lead you to re-discovering the guiding heart light, your inner G.P.S., that allows you to transcend burnout for brilliance and beauty!

    More on susanjamieson.com and drsusanjamieson.com

    Dr Clare is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, with degrees in Medicine and Physiology and Sports Science, whose experience has told her that true well-being extends deeper than reaching out for pills and surgery. She is a Medical Homeopath, an experienced workshop leader, and teaches and practices Eden Energy Medicine. She will prescribe energy medicine, with a large dose of compassion and a dash of humour.  She’ll lead us through some practices, some restful ,some energising , whatever will be needed in the moment as we take the opportunity to regenerate in this beautiful setting.

    We went from burnout to brilliance ourselves.

    • Sue trained as a junior doctor in the UK when 100 hour weeks were the norm. She then travelled far and wide and settled in Hong Kong , managing a busy family integrative medicine practice in addition to her international speaking business.
    • Clare has been in hospital medicine for the last 30 years; however her passion for true well-being drove her to train in various other modalities during this same time.
    • We both experienced burnout, yet found the “cure” by looking deep inside ourselves and realising that we were the medicine we needed for ourselves ; if we didn’t look after ourselves or walk the talk, we couldn’t be that light for others that we were called to be.
    So let us help you make the shift from Burnout to Brilliance in this exclusive weekend retreat; also available online


    Arrival Friday 23rd, 4-6:60 pm .Welcome session 6:30-8 pm; departure Monday 26th after brunch  Lots of parking; 10 mins in taxi from railway station; 20 mins from Inverness Airport.

    All food and tea breaks provided, light snack Friday. Vegetarian with options for non -vegetarian and non- dairy/non- gluten;

    3 meals each Saturday and Sunday; snacks Friday; brunch Monday.

    It's our intention to have everyone stay on campus, first applicants in house, others will be provide campsite with the tent, all bedding, towels et cetera, in garden..to be discussed on application.

    Cost course only, including lunches , tea breaks 
    Virtual Conference

    Intermediate Package

    Ensuite bathroom, 3 singles room  £185 ; (total accommodation / course  cost 693 with 2 sharing/ 843 single)


    Deluxe Package

    Beautiful queen bed, French windows to garden, shared bathroom with 1 other room  £245 per person, single supplement £195 ; (total accommodation / course  cost £738 with 2 sharing/ 993 single)

    Queen size bed, room has shared bathroom with 1 other room  £200 per person ; (total accommodation /  course  cost £693 with 2 sharing/ 843 single)


    Camping services, tents erected, can be provided on site, to be discussed by email

    50% deposit payment needed to book place ; balance by Sept 1.

    cancellation : before 20 Aug refund deposit of 50%; no refund after this date

    Any more information required, please email 


    What people are saying:

    I’m really happy. Before I came I was really tired and low. After everything and meeting you,with all your help, I feel so much better. I feel happy and I can get on with my life. It’s great.

    Kesia Zund

    Its been an interesting week :I mean I remember when I arrived here about a week ago feelingvery tired, no energy, no get-up-and-go, and just after a week, my family notices differences inme. Now I am like, “yes this is a great feeling”! It’s only been one week, so lets see!

    Susie Bates

    Dr Susan - Testimonial here.

    DR Clare 

    "Clare is a wonderful teacher with a real passion for Energy Medicine and it shines through when she is teaching."

    "Clare is a very competent, lively and humorous teacher."

    "Clare did a great job making me feel a part of class and did a great job making the class fun."

    "Clare was warm and attentive to all students and this was by far the best and most comprehensive
    course I've ever been on. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole weekend and it didn't even feel like we were doing 9 hour days. Getting so much hands on practice was also really helpful and Clare was really good at explaining things."

    "Clare is a wonderful teacher and made the class fun whilst still learning. I loved it!"

    "Clare is very knowledgeable on all things EEM"

    "Clare is a wonderful, heartily and really humorous teacher. She radiants a deep passion for energy
    medicine which is inspiring and motivating. I am very grateful for this."

    "Dr Clare Willocks held space for the group and allowed plenty of practical experience in a
    nurturing environment. Very inspiring! Fantastic experience!"

    50% deposit payment needed to book place ; balance by Sept 1.

    cancellation : before 20 Aug refund deposit of 50%; no refund after this date

    Any more information required, please email