Quantum Mindfulness

Learn How to Find Peace of Mind


Learn How to Find Peace of Mind,

Modern neurochemistry tell us tranquility is not only an emotional and spiritual state, but a matter of neurotransmitters and energy flow.

Learn how to activate that internal pharmacy. We will also teach you how to work with the subtle energy flows in your body, so ‘Qi’ circulates as it should, without blocks. We so often feel stuck on life, and this stagnation begins in the subcellular quantum realm, then moves out into our physical world. The quantum neurology of happiness is both a biological and learnt behaviour.

As an experienced M.D., I’ll help you with tools for stress and anxiety reduction, also preventing anxiety attacks which are ruining  the quality of your life. Many people are now living with uncertainty, experiencing fears or anxiety for the first time- stop this now.


Want more info? Here’s a break-down of the full contents of your Tranquility Course.



Peace of mind, or perhaps contentment. Perhaps a genuine belief that whatever maybe going on in the world, however uncertain and chaotic, doesn’t need to affect us as we are on our own little island of tranquility.

A lot of people live in a state of chronic anxiety and fear of the future. Whilst understandable, no solutions can be found when in this emotional state so We need tools to change it. I’ll teach you how to reduce anxiety naturally.

From beginning to end you will score on a standard psychology question of different aspects and levels of tranquility, so change can be both seen and monitored .

You’ll be taught exercises to enable you to access ‘alpha wave’ brain frequencies, the realm of calmness and also creativity. Your creativity will pull you out of the stuck mess- it’s your greatest asset. These tips for stress relief will be based both on Eastern concepts such as Indian Chakras and Chinese Qi, and western medical physiology and quantum biology.




Peace of mindis not only an emotional / spiritual state but chemical one in our body We’ll look at both quantum neurology of the brain and the neurotransmitters- happy hormones in the brain working all over the body. In the discipline of Energy Medicine, this is the chemistry of happiness and our internal pharmacy. Biohacks to enhance happy hormones so we can learn how to ‘switch on’ the pharmacy!

Self -hypnosis techniques will assist you accessing calmness, improve your mood or reduce anxiety attacks. You should not have to suffer.



You’ll learn tools to switch off the ‘fight or flight’ sympathetic nervous system. Have you ever noticed how violent dogs are when fighting, then 5 minutes later 100% normal again?

There are various ways to train your nervous system, using different tools. To help you in two situations – we shall practice specific exercises.

Firstly, let me help you with the type of situation that you think you really going to ‘lose it’, and you need something instant that will change your mental state and relax you. This will help stop an anxiety attack.

The second situation is the type of situation of chronic stress where every day seems to be the same as the last with no joy and contentment. Knowing how to reduce anxiety and stress are essential in giving you the life you desire.




At a higher level of sophistication, here we will have a close look at the brain neural energetic circuitry, and  how electromagnetic light should flow smoothly in a well insulated neurological matrix.

Like a computer network system, everything the body is totally connected and networked through light transmissions. This includes the science of ‘Energy Medicine’  content such as DNA, enzymes, organ polarity. The auric field, or Biofield, is part of this.

We’ll examine the holographic connections of our heart’s energy field to that of the Earth – what grounding really means and how we can piggy back both on the power of the Earth.

We’ll do this by the practice resonance and harmonisation with the frequencies of the Earth, core energies with which we are not only inherently a tune, but ‘down regulate’ our nervous systems.

BONUS – I am so confident of this material, tried and tested over the years, that I will return the course money you’ve paid, in full, if you’re not satisfied after the first week’s module.


This is a Lifetime Investment and Resource.

You deserve to be content, have peace of mind by learning these essential tools.

In just 45 MINS WEEKLY OVER FOUR WEEKS, you will have jump started your transition into tranquility.



“Its been an interesting week I mean I remember when I arrived here about a week ago feeling very tired, no energy, no get-up-and-go, and just after a week, my family notices differences in me. Now I am like, “yes this is a great feeling”! It’s only been one week, so lets see!”


“I think it worked well. When we went through the session, I felt like something was evaporating and then it is just like my vision is brighter. That’s how I felt. My body feels lighter. It just feels good with more peace inside”

Cecilia Rae

“Energy consciousness: feeling lighter and happier’ I just came out of Susan Jamieson’s light energy workshop and I just feel a lot lighter. Before I attended the workshop I had a very heavy and painful day, entering the light workshop with a lot of pain in my heart. Susan concluded the workshop with an exercise that was not just relaxing but healing for me. It was about a white light, and Susan guided us through visualisat ion of a white light waterfall, and letting that waterfall wash away tension, negative feelings and whatever was not good. I was amazed that as she guided as it seemed as though of white light appeared. I can’t really describe it but it was in front of my eyes, but my eyes were closed. It felt very healing, and something of hope associated with it. As we came out of it I felt that that stress I had come in with was washed away. It was very powerful and I think it’s something I’d like to learn to do on my own, every day at the end of the day. I don’t thibj it was long, but it Felt like a purge, sort of like someone who might take the trash out at the end of the day”

Peace of Mind

  • I am so confident of this material, tried and tested over the years, that I will return the course money you’ve paid, in full, if you’re not satisfied after the first week’s module.



Frequently Asked Questions

The course will give many tools on how to deal with anxiety, however you should continue seeing your therapist as a support meantime. I never recommend this takes the place of your regular doctor or therapist as it should be an add on to what you’re already doing.

There really is quite a lot of work for you to do, learning to let go of the old stress habits, replace with mindfulness. It takes a little time. The homework is important so the reason we do it weekly is that you get benefits if you practice the exercises for the first week, and exercises get more difficult as we go on you’ll find the subsequent exercises come more easily based on the learnings of the first.

No, it’s for anyone with stress or anxiety, who wants to find more tranquility in their life. It will help the anxiety attacks and panic disorder however as you’ll have new tools.

Not unless you want to. My coaching session is only to ensure you are on the right path. If you feel like sharing details with me however it may be too your benefit. It will be 100% confidential.

I am confident the various tools, including mindfulness,will help you. If for some reason stress and anxiety are not improving, I recommend getting a private session with me, or seeing a local therapist if it’s urgent.

After the first week you will already feel much better using these tools and techniques.

You will gain insight into your personal causes of stress and anxiety, affecting your individual body – mind system.

This is more than a psychologist will teach you. It is a combination of modern science, mindfulness and ancient wisdom that will help you achieve a calm and peaceful life that you deserve so you can fulfil your potential, guided by me in a personal consult, ensuring your path to wellbeing.